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At Gant Travel, world-class people and technology work together seamlessly with one common goal:
to become the best TMC on the planet for the Concur user


Gant pioneered the Concur-centric travel support now mimicked by dozens of competitors in the marketplace, but they have all failed to copy the innovative service culture and platform investments that continues to drive Gant to new levels of speed and customer experience.  A founding member, and one of the initial four TMC’s selected in SAP Concur’s Preferred Partner Program, Gant Travel is also the only TMC ever to have received the Concur Innovation award twice. That same spirit of innovation gave Gant the drive to become the only TMC to fully integrate with Airbnb for Work – including the ability for our agents to see the Airbnb for Work bookings made by our travelers. In 2018, Gant’s innovative approach went head-to-head with the complications the millennial and non-employee traveler face when it comes to hotel form of payment leading to the developments of  Gant Strategic PayTM and GantCoinTM  – tools that have made scheduling and making virtual card payments simple, touchless, and concern-free. 

Our most recent innovation, the Gant Gateway app, offers easy chat and booking intelligence (coming soon), as well as self-service portals for meeting, policy, unused ticket, and supplier management – all in one place! 
For us, travel management is both a service and a relationship. We specialize in facilitating your corporate and group travel, providing you with exquisite customer support and cutting-edge technologies to ensure the best in service, savings, and productivity. We know that streamlined, cost-effective travel with easy access to account management and exceptional customer support is a top priority. We’re not successful until your costs are down and productivity is up.

At Gant, the "perfect trip" is just the first victory on your quest for the perfect travel program

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