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Account Management

Our Account Management team is here to support the corporate travel champion while working with Gant and Concur. The Account Managers serve as the champion’s main point of contact and program guide, offering targeted assistance with overall travel program strategy to help you meet, or even exceed, your expected ROI. 

Guided Onboarding

Gant’s three-phase guided onboarding program supports the travel administrator as they introduce Concur Travel to their team. Over the first 90 days, your Account Manager will work with you to define, plan, execute, and deploy your new, centralized travel program. By leveraging our knowledge and experience, Gant helps you to maximize the benefits of your corporate travel program.

Program & Policy Reviews

Twice a year, we provide clients with an in-depth deck of data and visualizations that breaks down travel spend and provides you with the necessary analysis to get the most out of your partnership with Gant. These reviews offer the opportunity to review your travel data, pinpoint program and policy wins and losses, and discuss possible changes or initiatives you'd like to make.

Negotiated Rates

Your Gant Travel Account Manager will regularly review your travel spend to identify vendors and locations where you spend a larger portion of your travel budget. When thresholds are met, they'll work with you to contact those vendors to negotiate potential corporate contracts, ensuring the best available rates for your travelers. Renewal or renegotiation of existing vendor contracts is provided annually.

Streamlined Solutions

We offer our travel administrators a single point-of-contact for any questions or issues that arise with their overall travel program. Our Account Managers build long-term relationships with our clients through strong and frequent communication, skilled troubleshooting, and assisting with all aspects of your corporate travel strategy. At Gant Travel, program management is a partnership - we're in this together.

At Gant, the "perfect trip" is just the first victory on your quest for the perfect travel program.

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