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Ticket Retriever

Our exclusive TicketRetriever service streamlines unused ticket management, allowing our clients to achieve up to a 98% usage of their organization’s airline vouchers and effectively applying the value that had previously gone untracked and unused. Our exclusive four-tiered process is fully integrated with our systems, allowing full visibility regardless of whether it is accessed through our monthly reporting broadcast, the online booking tool, the Gant Gateway, or any of our full-service agents. 

Detailed Reporting

Travel managers are sent a weekly report with important details surrounding all available vouchers.

Integrated Visibility

We push unused ticket data into the Concur Travel platform, providing travelers with voucher visibility.

Intuitive Usage

If a traveler makes a reservation, we automatically review and apply applicable vouchers.*

Improved Accessibility

Our Gateway allows travel managers to view all their travelers' vouchers and even reassign them if necessary.

* Minimum value threshold after all applicable fees applies. Gant Travel agents apply unused ticket vouchers with fiscal responsibility.

At Gant, the "perfect trip" is just the first victory on your quest for the perfect travel program.

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