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As an organization’s travel needs rise, so do the associated costs and complications of managing a growing travel program. Gant Travel specializes in working with organizations to create a comprehensive, cost reductive, and scalable centralized-booking solution by leveraging the Concur Travel platform.

Our integration with SAP Concur allows us to incorporate an organization’s travel policy into the booking platform, provide the traveler with all of the flight options available for a given flight, and present the flight results with lowest-cost-logical methodology – all to help control costs. 

On the back-end, Gant provides quality control software, travel reporting for full visibility, and an unused ticket management that is practically automated. This is in addition to the ability to utilize Concur to manage the organization’s discount programs and streamline the waiver process using our Perfect Waiver™ service. 

At Gant, the "perfect trip" is just the first victory on your quest for the perfect travel program.

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