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Having a corporate travel policy allows an organization to control the costs associated with their employees’ work travel. A typical travel policy covers items such as what vendors are preferred/required, how travel should be booked, and what costs can be billed to a company card. Gant Travel works with clients to develop and implement a travel policy that works best for their program needs, and while some organizations choose to mandate, others prefer a more flexible process using policy to represent recommendation.


Gant offers all clients a free consultation on policy when they begin the implementation process. We provide advice on best practices for time frames and pricing limits, help to determine which of your team members will need administrative or approver access, and provide support in building the policy into the Concur Travel platform.

Pre-Spend Controls

We provide pre-spend control by putting an organization’s travel policy into the online-booking tool and mirroring them with our full-service agent booking system. This integration ensures that the policy put in place will be applied to every reservation booked through Gant Travel, regardless of the booking method.


When a trip requires approval, Gant Travel will hold the seat on the plane, as well as hotel and car reservations, during the approval window. Through Concur Compleat integration and our advanced custom scripting, our automated process ensures every ticket issued has the proper profile information and the correct policy has been applied.

Annual Reviews

Twice annually we provide a full analysis of your travel data, identifying areas where we feel small changes could make a positive impact on your travel program and ROI. During these reviews, we will discuss your adoption rate, provide advice on driving your travelers to the Concur Travel platform, and discuss possible rate negotiations.

At Gant, the "perfect trip" is just the first victory on your quest for the perfect travel program.

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