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Gant VIP Services

Gant VIP Services is committed to providing first-class support to our exclusive VIP members by anticipating unexpressed needs and providing personalized assistance. By going the extra mile, our VIP service has become a fundamental component of the travel experience for both the traveler and the travel arranger.

Gant VIP is a high-performing team that represents the world-class service Gant Travel is known for delivering. This team of highly motivated, dedicated agents is committed to serving the decision makers, management teams, and CEOs of our customers. Our VIP agents provide the traveler with a first-class experience from beginning to end, going the extra mile until they have exhausted every resource, never starting with “no.”

Experienced Agents

The dedicated VIP agent team has an average of 25+ years in the travel industry and an average of 17 years with Gant Travel.

Enhanced Integrations

System-wide integration with Concur gives our agents the same access to your information and preferences as when travelers book online.

Elevated Services

Gant VIP membership includes an agent
meet-and-greet interview, proactive trip disruption notifications, full reservation support, and more.

VIP Services include: 

White-Glove Service  | Personalized Assistance | Pro-active Trip Disruption Services  | Priority Call Recognition
Pre-trip Confirmations | Extensive Reservation Support

Gant VIP is an optional travel program enhancement and is subject to additional fees.

At Gant, the "perfect trip" is just the first victory on your quest for the perfect travel program.

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