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Through our proprietary technology and integrations within the SAP Concur ecosystem and the ongoing commitment to great service by our leadership and every member of our team, Gant Travel puts the travel manager’s mind at ease. Every single transaction is being monitored behind-the-scenes for a lower price, policy compliance, reservation completeness, data accuracy, and traveler experience.  Our quality control processes are just one more way we help travel managers streamline their team’s business travel, decrease total spend, and increase their ROI.

Price Monitoring

Gant Travel's Guardian software electronically checks all airfare and hotel reservations for cost reductions. If a savings is found*, we secure the lower price and issue a credit with no change to an itinerary.

Service Level Agreement

We take pride in our quick and accurate responses for clients. We established our SLAs to make certain that we are best supporting your team by prioritizing your most important program concerns.

Satisfaction Surveys

Our goal is to provide your last best customer-service experience on every communication. We routinely send and review satisfaction surveys, utilizing them to continuously improve the traveler experience.

Compleat Integration

Compleat, our mid-office quality control system, in conjunction with agent-facing tools, review 100% of all records for policy compliance, reservation completeness, and data accuracy.

* Minimum savings thresholds apply.

At Gant, the "perfect trip" is just the first victory on your quest for the perfect travel program.

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