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At Gant Travel Management, we provide unique solutions for business travel arrangements and corporate travel management by applying our passion and knowledge of the industry to the needs of our customers. Our service speaks for itself, and word of mouth does the rest.

With our more than 80 years of travel experience, our commitment to service, and our ability to respond and adapt quickly, we are cultivating the world’s best corporate travel management company. Based out of Bloomington, IN, we are proud of our Midwestern heritage and dedication to teamwork, compassion, and excellence. These aren’t just words in a slogan, but principals we live by.

We’ve built our company on the ability to adapt quickly and respond appropriately to changing economies, technologies, and industries. We adopt and even create cutting-edge technology for managing travel and travel expenses, and focus on bringing value to our clients.

Gant employs top quality travel agents to give you the best service and support, offers the best travel solutions to fit your company’s needs, uses multiple reservation systems for compatibility, and integrates extensive automation to ensure accuracy, compliance, efficiency, and consistency while getting you the best fares and your preferred seats. 

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We are Gant Travel Management.
Travel is our middle name.

At Gant, the "perfect trip" is just the first victory on your quest for the perfect travel program.

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