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Gant Travel News 9/24/10

Where are my travelers? Scott Gillespie says you should know. This blog post from a thought leader in travel industry gives travel managers plenty of ammo for supporting data consolidation efforts. Airline profitability for 2010 looks better than originally forecasted. IATA (International Air Transport Association) expects the airline industry to report a net profit…
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Gant Travel News 9/17/10

Stay connected: Your traveler’s will now have more opportunity to stay connected when flying on Southwest Airlines.  They plan to have 60 aircraft with WiFi access by the end of the year with ongoing momentum to have all of their fleet equipped sometime in 2011.  Aircraft with standing room only?  We’re not there yet,…
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Gant Travel News 9/10/10

Fewer car rental companies could make negotiations  even tougher for business travelers.  So to hear that Hertz reports that a proposed merger between Avis Budget Group Inc. and Dollar Thrifty Automotive is a larger anti-trust threat than if Hertz merged with Dollar makes one pause.   US Government to Delta and Virgin Blue –…
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Gant Travel News 9/3/10

Hotel rates in 2011 at Marriott are going up : The senior vice president of Marriott tells it like it is – rates will be on the rise for 2011.  David Townshend shares a more cooperative partnership where both the buyer and the seller take risks.. will it work for your organization?  I think that…
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Gant Travel News 8/28/10

Things are still looking up from a year ago for the airline industry.  The economy may be slowly rising, but at a rate of 20-25% year-over-year increases, the airlines are doing better than most.  Click the link to get to all the numbers.  Travel Managers – take special note of the increase per passenger revenue;…
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Gant Travelers Versus The Volcano

The opening lines of the 1990 Tom Hanks cult movie “Joe Versus The Volcano,” introduced popular culture to the term “Brain Cloud.” No doubt a good share of travel managers this month were feeling the effects of a “Brain Cloud” too.   Once again, we were reminded of the ageless connection we share with travelers from…
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On Air: Unused Airline Tickets

A good travel policy and travel management company helps ensure unused tickets go toward BUSINESS development instead of memories of “that time… in Cancun, when…”