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Gant OnePay

With Gant 0nePay, our new and unconventional subscription-based TMC fee model, clients can now choose a pricing option that best suits their travel program. Choose between our traditional pay-per-transaction model, or Gant OnePay’s budgeted payment plan that factors in both your estimated travel spend and your specific travel needs. No matter how you choose to pay our TMC fees, you can be confident that Gant Travel’s innovative tools and services can yield an 8-22% average reduction in your annual travel spend.

With Gant OnePay, there is just one* fee per year. Every year.

No Per-Transaction Fees

With Gant OnePay, we offer the same great service without the itemized fees. With a flat, annual fee, your travelers can use your available transaction count towards both online and full-service agent bookings.

No Reconciliation

Clients who choose Gant OnePay recieve annual or quarterly bills only, and no longer see individual TMC fees on their travelers' expense reports. This means no processing reports for TMC fees and no per-fee general ledger recording.

No Exchange Fees

Interactions with Gant Travel only count as a transaction when the resulting reservation requires a new reference number. Exchanging airline tickets, making changes to an itinerary, and processing refunds don't count against your totals!

No Blown Budgets

Keeping spend aligned with your travel budget is simple with our subscription fee model. Whether you choose to pay for transactions annually or quarterly, you can rest assured the bill will be for the same amount every time!* *

* The Gant OnePay model is a contracted number of transactions with a calculated annual fee, however, clients have the option to break this into four quarterly payments. Clients who choose to pay annually receive a 15% discount on Gant OnePay subscription fees.  Discount does not apply to overages.
**Overage fees apply to transactions above the annual contracted amount as outlined in the Gant OnePay contract. Overage fees will result in a higher invoiced amount.

At Gant, the "perfect trip" is just the first victory on your quest for the perfect travel program.

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