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Gant Strategic Pay

Gant Strategic Pay (GSP) is an automated solution to the third-party hotel authorization process. We have partnered with Conferma, the leading global provider of virtual card distribution, settlement, and reconciliation of B2B payments and corporate travel expense.  This has streamlined and automated third-party or direct billing processes with additional fraud protection in place for the traveler, corporation, hotel, and card vendor. Our GSP solution places a virtual payment card number into travel reservations via Concur’s mid-office quality management software and a deep integration with Conferma’s payment systems. This ensures travelers have an active virtual card for payment application when and where they need it for either Concur Travel or agent created bookings. 

Automated Process

With GSP, when a fully-refundable hotel room is booked with a corporate “ghost” card, our system will issue and send the authorization forms directly to the hotel property automatically - regardless of whether the hotel is booked via Concur or a Gant Travel full-service agent. With Conferma, travelers are even able to resend email or fax authorizations when necessary.

Fraud Protection

In addition to securing your corporate credit account by allowing the traveler and hotel access to randomly-generated, single-use card numbers only, VCNs offer additional protection through available restrictions. Organization's can limit purchases by merchant category (hotel only), total spend, spend type (room, tax, parking, breakfast), and expiration date.

No Corporate Cards

VCNs are perfect for your one-time or infrequent travelers like recruits, contractors, and employees that do not have a company credit card. Because each individual virtual card can only be applied to one hotel reservation, they allow travel administrators to fund a hotel stay directly without having to give the traveler or the hotel access to your organization's corporate card.

Funding Options

Gant Travel offers several funding options. For those currently banking with a VCN-compatible institution, we will support teams as they work to modify the existing relationship to allow for VCN issuance. For those who wish to fund VCNs through a new source, we offer our own in-house funding option, GantCoin, or through connectivity through AirPlus and their unsecured line of credit.

Gant is excited to partner with Conferma and offer Virtual Card Numbers (VCN) as a solution to the third-party hotel authorization process. VCNs are revolutionizing the whole process of payment within business travel. They save agencies and their clients’ time and money by removing pre-digital processes that have slowed the industry down. They also help to protect corporate cards against fraud, both internal and external. At Gant, we are committed to reducing the number of manual touch points to help create a better travel experience!

Gant Strategic Pay is an optional travel program enhancement and is subject to additional fees.

At Gant, the "perfect trip" is just the first victory on your quest for the perfect travel program.

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