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Airbnb Integration

Offering Airbnb for Work as an approved accommodation in the Concur Travel platform gives travelers access to thousands of new options to call home on their next trip. Airbnb offers listings that best suit travelers’ needs – giving your teams everything they need to do their best work. 

Easy Access

Travelers can view reservation details on their Concur Travel itinerary, SAP Concur app, TripIt, and the Airbnb app.

Streamlined Expensing

For Concur Expense users, Airbnb trip details are saved in Concur Expense automatically.

High-Quality Homes

From the online booking tool, travelers can access entire homes with essential amenities like reliable Wi-Fi, self check-in, and parking.

Policy Customization

Configure Airbnb-specific policy controls to reflect your existing company search settings.

Airbnb for Work bookings must be made as separate, accommodation-only reservations on the online booking tool. Modifying or cancelling an Airbnb reservation must be done through Airbnb directly and cannot be done through the Concur Travel platform or a Gant Travel agent. Gant agents cannot book Airbnb for Work. In order for travelers to book Airbnb for Work, they must have an Airbnb account linked to their origanization’s Airbnb for Work account.

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