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Category: Open Booking

Gant Travel News 9/5/2014

Travel Risk Management: Here’s an interesting piece for travel managers interested in the impact of Open Booking on Travel Risk Management. Big idea: Your travel policy is a reflection of the leadership of your organization –it must balance “traveler friction” vs. “the needs of the business.” Here’s a short article that hammers home this concept.…
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Gant Travel News 12/20/2013

Open booking and mobile technology were two of the hottest topics in 2013 business travel news and are sure to remain in the spotlight in 2014. What else can business travelers expect in the coming year? Southwest to increase service from New York LaGuardia.  After acquiring rights for six new roundtrip flights, Southwest will expand its…
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Gant Travel News 12/13/2013

The open-booking debate has moved beyond pros and cons. TMCs are now focused on finding the best ways to embrace and profit from open booking. Travel Market Report recently interviewed Patrick Linnihan, President of Gant Travel Management, to learn more about Gant’s approach. Because travel isn’t aggravating enough already…In-flight connectivity is overwhelmingly viewed as a positive,…
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