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Meet GIA – Gant Interactive Assistant

Gant Interactive Assistant Harnesses Best of Both Agent and AI Tech

Bloomington, IN.  -July 31, 2019 – Gant Travel, the world’s best travel agency for the Concur user, started 10 of its clients on a beta program aimed at making travel coordination faster and simpler.  Gant created a chat-based platform which it calls the Gant Interactive Assistant or GIA.  Travelers in the Gant beta project can book air travel on a desktop or mobile device that applies both the traveler’s preferences and the company’s policy.  Gant expects the beta of GIA to last 90 days.

“GIA is the next generation of travel management service,” said Patrick Linnihan, Gant’s CEO and President.  “We know that a portion of our clients prefers to book with an agent – GIA is just for them as it aims to optimize the experience of interacting with an agent via chat. We expect GIA to speed up the booking process and become a critical channel for travel support. Our agents are behind the scenes on every booking and all bookings have the same quality control tools that our agents use to ensure that a reservation matches the needs of the traveler and their company.”

GIA uses Gant’s real live travel agents, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to optimize booking results, inventory, and the travel support experience. Results are prioritized using the company’s travel policies, real-time market prices, and individual traveler preferences including traveler and company loyalty program memberships. Gia supports natural language messaging-based interactions to guide users through interactions. GIA includes a platform dashboard, available to the travel administrator, that tracks company spend, potential savings, and employee travel patterns. GIA also helps with account management allowing profile /travel arranger management, onboarding, policy control and supplier configuration.  All systems supporting GIA are functioning systems currently supporting Gant Travel.

Gant has incorporated booking GIA’s capabilities from using several key collaborators. The GIA platform is made possible by a combination of the capabilities of Travelport, FlightGlobal, Salesforce’s platform, IBM’s AI, InContact and RingCentral.

GIA is the name of Gant’s chat booking tool and has no resemblance to anyone named Gia.  Gant settled on this name after noticing that a spectrum of competitors or songs already took the first pick names.  “GIA means ‘superior service’ in some native languages,” said John Brehm, Gant’s Vice President of Strategic Partnerships, “that’s why it’s a great name for our new offering. Plus, it sounds nice. Everyone loves GIA.”

About Gant Travel:

Gant Travel helps travelers enhance their experience while controlling the expense of business travel. Gant provides advanced technology, processes, and highly trained people to coordinate business travel properly.  Gant is the two-time winner of the Concur Innovation award.  Gant has also been named on the Inc 5000 list and is certified by the Best Workplace Institute.

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