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From the President: An Open Letter of Appreciation to the Team

Hello Everyone,

Good news!  We’ve been recognized by CCW for “Best in Class Contact Center Operations (under 99 seats)” for the second year in a row, and not only that, our newly formed Training Team made the finals for the first year in the “Best Training & Development Program” category.

What just happened? Each year CCW gathers a formidable judging panel of some of the best in the customer care arena and asks them to evaluate companies with call centers similar to our size.  In the Best in Class Contact Center evaluation, the panel sought out the best company that:

  1. Promotes internal culture and employee engagement
  2. Achieve an omnichannel environment with limited resources
  3. Hire, train, coach and retain a world-class workforce
  4. Demonstrate exceptional performance metrics

In the “Best Training & Development Program category” the panel sought to select the best team that presented “the solution that acts as a leading support mechanism to both agent performance and engagement.”  The panel evaluated our team on it’s the ability to:

  1. Deliver a top solution to key contact center training needs
  2. Overcome generational challenges
  3. Drive key success metrics for client’s learning and development functions

Competition brings out the best and CCW represents some of the best competition we can find.  We competed against brands that many of us use daily and trust and it’s an honor to be considered competitors of these great brands – that alone is an accomplishment that many companies would love to have.

However, CCW awards aside – I’d be remiss if I didn’t plainly say that I’m humbled and in awe of how each day we can point to artifacts such as the CCW award and finalist status to remind us that we are a team moving in a great direction. We are getting closer each day to creating the company that is worthy of one’s “focus” – a company “where great people want to work and clients always want to hire us”.  That goal is possible by the common values each person has shown over the last 60 months – more importantly,  its possible because many of you show the enduring belief in creating a place where “one another” and “interdependency” yield not just profits, but a place that we all can be proud to have called “our work.”  Our team amazes me; I’m not sure if you haven’t been here the entire time so you may not be able to appreciate how far we have come, but in the end, that isn’t necessary as long as we continue to move forward together.

A “thank you” doesn’t seem like big enough words to convey the appreciation I feel.  I say that to not just our great operations team, but to all of Gant that supported our operations and training team in this achievement.  All of you stoked the fire of “potential” to get us where we are and fostered the care that makes our company capable of not just winning these awards, but of being a truly special team that is “a place” we want to be.

I cannot wait to see “our work” over the months ahead.

Thank you and congratulations!


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