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From the President: GSP “vision complete;” time to celebrate

It’s been just the two short years since we created our Gant Strategic Pay (GSP) payment tool. It’s our second attempt at automating the third-party billing process utilizing Virtual Card Numbers (VCNs), and we now have a way that supports hotel (and soon air) bookings created by Concur Professional, Concur Standard, the phone or email.  We’re placing thousands of VCNs each month into travel reservations via our GSP product. We’re calling our “vision” of supporting clients with a streamlined third-party billing process that also combined with high-level fraud protection complete; time to celebrate.

Our success stems from our strategy. We aim to amplify and reinforce Concur’s tools. This means making the Concur platform work in ways other travel management companies cannot; GSP might be one of our best examples of this yet.  We based GSP on the Concur TravPay module, but we didn’t stop there.  Most TMCs using TravPay cannot effortlessly integrate virtual cards across any booking method (online booking tool, email, or phone) – this makes our GSP a truly a unique product. Our additional coding and application of our parallel platform enables our processes.  Our application of virtual cards is consistent across any booking method. It follows that GSP is one of our fastest adopted products. We’ve made using virtual cards easy.

The Concur platform is powerful.  A well run virtual card program is just one example of how we make it work better for our clients. Contact us to hear how we can help you maximize its capabilities and your ROI. 

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