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Gant Travel Launches Full Virtual Card Solution, Accepts Bitcoin

Gant Travel Launches Full Virtual Card Solution, Accepts Bitcoin

BLOOMINGTON, IN, Sept 25, 2017 – Gant Travel Management, a leading travel management company in support of the Concur user, announces GantCoinSM, the first complete payment solution that allows Gant clients the benefits of virtual payment cards with only a standard corporate credit card. GantCoinSM creates a virtual payment card for Concur Travel (Standard or Professional), email or phone generated hotel reservations without any special bank account requirements.

“Most virtual card programs require a specialized bank account specific to virtual card payment technology. Creating an account is slow and often requires approvals at many different levels inside a company and bank – this is a hassle that often stops travel managers and travel coordinators from getting the solution they need,” said Chad Seybold, VP of Corporate Accounts and Sales at Gant.

The key advantage of GantCoinSM is speed and simplicity. Gant uses proprietary technology to power a scalable, touchless method of virtual credit card support for corporate travelers that don’t have access to a personal corporate credit card. GantCoinSM gives corporations all the benefits of a virtual card account without the trouble of creating a bank account that is specific to the virtual card process. GantCoinSM places a virtual payment card for the amount of the hotel reservation and the charge for the hotel appears on the corporation’s credit card a day after the trip. Gant clients have self-service access to the setup and maintenance of their payment policy via a customer portal. This feature allows changes to instantly update the Gant ticketing process. The GantCoinSM payment tool is the perfect tool for non-employee travel (such as new hire candidates/contractors) or for any company that needs the benefits of virtual card technology but does not want to establish a new banking or credit account relationship.

“Our innovative program addresses concerns of hoteliers, CFOs, travel managers, travel coordinators, and travelers. It provides the benefits of a virtual form of payment process to anyone with a simple turnkey solution” says Patrick Linnihan, Gant Travel’s Chief Executive Officer. “We are very optimistic about the potential of our GantCoinSM program – time is money, and our tool creates a touchless payment process without any delays. It completely integrates into all versions of Concur Travel as well as email or phone bookings – and for clients that are interested, we can configure it to accept payments via Bitcoin. Future enhancements to this program will allow for rental car and air bookings, plus a connection to other forms of network currency.”

GantCoinSM is the name of Gant’s payment tool and is not a network currency.

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