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FlightStats to Power Gant Travel’s Perfect Waiver Program to Automate Waivers from Travel Disruptions

BLOOMINGTON, IN, March 14, 2017 – Gant Travel Management, a leading travel management company in support of the Concur user, today announced the availability of its Perfect Waiver™ service to automatically apply airline waiver codes to flights managed by Gant.

Gant’s Perfect Waiver service guarantees that travel agents know when an airline waiver is applicable to a ticketed reservation.  This increases the speed and accuracy of Gant’s reservations, while often saving the traveler money in change fees, thus improving the customer experience and agent productivity.  

“Our new service gives our travelers two key advantages: first, these alerts speed up the Gant agent process, in effect giving us more ‘hands on deck’ for customer service during the critical period of a disruption,” said Jenni Murer, Gant’s Chief Information Officer. “The Prefect Waiver insures every trip with a waiver is automatically identified and our teams can work to optimize the outcome for our travelers. This service applies to reservations created by Gant travel agents and through Concur Travel.”

Gant is offering Perfect Waiver with United Airlines and the data services company, FlightStats. United provides FlightStats with a waiver in structured form, improving the reliability of the trip-to-waiver matching, which allows Gant to process the waiver information via the Concur mid-office tool, Compleat.  The process supports the application of other carriers’ waivers as well, but without the appropriate waiver guarantee of the current program.  


Gant Travel helps its clients control the expense and the experience of business travel. Gant provides advanced technology, processes, and highly trained people to coordinate business travel properly.  Gant is striving to become the best TMC on the planet for the Concur user.


FlightStats, part of FlightGlobal, is a cutting-edge data services company focused on providing real-time global flight data to companies and travelers across the travel ecosystem. We strive to tell the “story” of a flight – from what’s expected, to what is happening now, to what happened. We deliver these stories via our Data Services, and through our FlightStats-branded web and mobile applications. We believe flight data is valuable and is made even more valuable when delivered in conjunction with other contextual data. We manage multiple data sets that relate directly to or intersect with flights – trips, weather, and other aviation-related data.

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