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Gant Travel News 10/01/2014

Gant Travel News 10/01/2014

Hotel rates are on the rise:  With this continuing trend, it is more important than ever to use the resources of a travel management company to ensure the best hotel rates.

Have you heard the news?:  Check out this link for the big announcement from Concur and SAP

Are unexpected international roaming charges causing your travel expenses to rise?:  Gant has partnered with Visage mobile to offer International Travel Roaming Alerts (ITRA).  This service allows for travel managers to have visibility to potential international mobile plan expenses before they become an unexpected roaming charge.  When a business traveler books an international flight and the traveler does not have a company-owned international mobile plan, Gant will send an email to the traveler and the mobility resource manager to address the mobile plan needs before the trip begins.  Contact us to learn more and sign up!

Safety and security for all travelers:  In an emergency, are you able to locate your traveling employees quickly and efficiently to determine if they are safe?  Is your traveling employee able to make contact with you?  With our wide range of travel solutions and cutting edge technology, Gant has tools to help travel departments manage these issues.  Starting in October, Gant offers TripLingo to our clients.  Safety is a priority for all travelers.  TripLingo offers a package of safety features for travelers such as local emergency contacts and the ability to translate emergency phrases.  If cell phone services are down, TripLingo also integrates a wi-fi dialer to connect a traveler with someone back home.  TripLingo is first an international phrase/translator to facilitate language barriers that exist in business communication, whether it is a trip to a foreign country or an international business meeting where translation services may be necessary.  Let Gant be your travel management company, and let us show you our safety services for ALL travelers.

Gant is a business travel management firm. We help clients optimize their travel spend by employing a combination of technology, people and processes to coordinate business travel properly. In addition to corporate travel, we also provide meeting and event planning services. Gant Travel is a shareholder in Travel Leaders, a global travel company with over $19 billion in sales located in over 80 countries worldwide.